WestPershingLights.com Rules


We will not guarantee the accuracy, validity, integrity or security status of any content on this website, and will accept no liability from any issues that may result from it. Files that may be available on this website are generally scanned for viruses and malware before uploading, but we may not scan all hosted files regularly for viruses and malware.

User posted content is out of our control. Offensive or inappropriate content can be reported by clicking the Feedback link in the footer at the bottom of every web page here. Use that link to generate an email and include a link to the offending content and appropriate actions will be taken. 

Trademarks remain the property of their respective owners.

Accounts and your behaviour

This is primarily an informational website. It does not require an account, so the sign up form has been disabled. 

General posting/submission guidelines

Do not post any copyrighted material for which you have no right to do so.

Do not repeatedly use strong/harsh swearing or sexual references.

Staff have the right to edit, censor, delete or otherwise modify any content message they feel is inappropriate, without any warning given to the poster.

Do not submit any content that you know to contain viruses, malware, or commonly exploited security holes.

Any content submitted to us, will not necessarily be removed by request. We are not bound to remove submitted content and anything submitted should be assumed to be staying on our servers, publicly accessible permanently. By submitting, you are aware of the consequences of this, and take responsibility of it, and may not at any time insist on content being withdrawn.

Do not try to bypass the word filter: filtered words are placed in the filter in accordance with guidelines, and obvious misspellings or equally obnoxious alternatives, only serve to work against the wishes of the staff.

Do not post spoilers (material that reveals information relating to the subject matter of this website before the majority of members have learnt it through the channels they would wish to) in your topic titles. If you wish to post spoilers inside a topic give good warning about their presence, or use the Comcode 'hide' tag.

Do not post a link to a website that contains material that would be in violation of the rules if posted directly on this website. Special exceptions may be given by the staff when clear warnings are put in place.

Do not incite illegal activity, either directly, or by educating with the obvious purpose to make it more achievable.

Do not spam this website:
  • you must be moderately confident that anything posted will considered relevant and on-topic to the scope of the content of this website.
  • you must not post material more than once unless there is good reason, from the point of view of other website visitors.

Do not intentionally disrupt the enjoyment of this website by other users. 'Enjoyment' has a general meaning for the purposes of this rule – for example, robust argument in a debate forum would be considered 'enjoyable', as debaters would wish for it.

This website is private property and hence any form of censorship is allowed at the discretion of the staff – you agree not to consider this website a forum for free speech if the staff consider it breaks the rules.


If comment sections, are, or become, available on this site: You are to be respectful of the opinions of other website visitors, and to not discriminate based on nationality, sexuality, gender, religion or race. Do not flame or degrade other members. If you have a problem with another visitor's comments or actions, contact a member of staff by clicking the Feedback link in the footer on the bottom of every web page.


You may not, unless explicitly given permission by a high-ranking member of staff, try to hack into this website. For the purpose of this rule, 'hacking' includes any technique designed to compromise the security or stability of the website.


Acceptance of these rules implies acceptance of the privacy policy (which includes details of how this website uses cookies).


The staff reserve the right to ban any visitor who breaks any rule, whether the rule is agreed as broken by the alleged offender or not. No warning or explanations need be given.

The staff also reserve the right to change these rules at any time.